Advancement Opportunities In Truck Driving Career

If you’re looking to make a career out of truck driving, you may be asking yourself, “How to advance in my career of truck driving?” It may be less difficult to find a trucking job than you imagine. A truck driver has plenty of opportunities for career advancement in trucking industry.

Advancement in truck driving offers a flexible and stable career! This article will help you learn more about advancement in truck driving.

A CDL Instructor

Truck driving is an exciting career that allows drivers to earn real money while travelling the country.

There are teaching opportunities for experienced truck drivers where you can:

  • Share your experience and knowledge in trucking industry.
  • Receive valuable teaching experience for your advancement in trucking career.
  • Have an opportunity to continue your trucking career while off the road.

A CDL educator has the opportunity to apply their skills for the training of new drivers.

However, every state has its own requirements for trucking instructors; most states require the following:

  • A Class A CDL.
  • At least 21 years of age.
  • At least 3 years of Class A CDL driving experience.
  • A professional driving record that shows safety and care while on the road.
  • Additional training for a CDL instructor in your state.


If you want to be an owner-operator, you will have opportunities to work with trucking companies. However, to be an independent business owner you need to own or lease your own truck. Main benefits to be an owner-operator are:

Greater Independence

An owner-operator is an independent worker who makes their own business decisions that can affect their career. They decide what companies to work with, what freight to haul, what routes to take, and more.

Higher earnings

Owner operators have opportunities to make great money though they have more expenses for tax purposes, equipment and truck maintenance.

If you are looking for an independent pathway to career advancement, becoming an owner-operator may be your great next step.

Trucking manager/Supervisor

Trucking managers and supervisors are in charge of all of the important coordination and communication between drivers, carriers, and suppliers. They work hard to coordinate truckers for successful cargo deliveries. They are responsible for such important duties:

  • They audit driver and delivery logs for patterns, issues.
  • They supervise drivers while on their routes.
  • They serve as the drivers’ first point of communication for check-ins and emergencies.
  • They control the delivery goals and the success of their fleet’s operations.

Trucking managers and supervisors are veteran truck drivers who have demonstrated their excellent leadership and loyalty throughout their trucking career.

To become a manager or a supervisor is a great chance in career advancement for truck drivers. This opportunity will allow you to advance your career while off the road. In addition, these positions offer great salaries and benefits.

If you’re looking to continue your career in an advanced leadership position, consider applying for open managerial or supervisory roles.

Additional Trucking Education

Different classifications of truck drivers require different licenses and certifications. A Class A CDL is the base-level license for any truck driver, but if you want to open the door to new work opportunities, you need to earn a Class B CDL. The Class B CDL will allow you to work driving jobs such as:

  • Delivery driver.
  • School bus driver.
  • Courier.
  • Highway maintenance technician.

If you want to operate some technical equipment in the construction industry, for example, dump trucks and concrete mixers, you will also need the Class B CDL. Having a Class B CDL in your resume can boost your chances of career advancement in trucking industry. In addition, potential employers will set you apart in the trucking job market because you have a wide range of trucking knowledge and skills.

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