Common Questions For Female CDL Students

How Many Truck Drivers Are Women?

Though there is not a large percentage of female truck drivers in the trucking industry, however women drive flatbed trucks, freight trucks, dry van trucks, tanker trucks. According to Women in Trucking female truck drivers make up about 10% of the truck driving industry. The statistic continues to grow because the demand in truck drivers grows.

This profession has always been male-dominated that’s why this stereotype has influenced current hiring practices. Now the trucking industry makes efforts to hire more women. Even organizations like Women in Trucking have created job boards to attract more female truck drivers.

There are some things that have made the trucking industry more accessible to women. Trucks has better visibility or transmissions that are more modern now. Truck drivers shouldn’t worry about loading and unloading trucks because they are no longer responsible for it. Now some truck stops have better facilities with healthier dining, recreation and fitness centers, and feminine hygiene products in the bathrooms.

What About Payment For Female Truck Drivers?

Female truck drivers receive equal pay as their male counterparts. They are paid based upon routes, experience level, cargo, and other factors not related to gender identity.

Is It Hard For A Woman To Be A truck Driver?

There is nothing inherent about females that makes them less capable of a truck driver. In fact, studies have shown that women are 20% less likely to be involved in a crash than men as truck drivers. Women are easier to train, take better care of the truck, and they are better with client service and paperwork.

However, there are certain conditions can make problems for female truck drivers, for example, they need to take care of their families from miles away and often encounter sexual harassment from male coworkers.

Is It Dangerous To Be A Truck Driver?

In the USA, one of the deadliest profession is truck driving according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Year after year truck driving has caused the most on-the-job fatalities. Now the trucking industry tries to evolve trucking technology to make the road safer for truck drivers. So, truckers don’t need to load and unload their cargo.

Our Tips For Female Truck Drivers

In the workplace, as a female truck driver, there can be the possibility of sexual harassment by male coworkers. Also, it can be dangerous for women to travel alone long distances, especially at night. Female truck drivers can have problems regarding diet and hygiene. However, women can be ready to handle these problems and protect themselves on the road.

  • Plan your drives – Many truck stops are still very old and unclean though some have been renovated and have better hygiene and dining facilities. So, you can decide when and where you would like to stop for food, rest, or whatever else. Ahead of time, check the reviews of diners and rest stops.
  • Prepare your own meals – It can be unhealthy for you to eat diner food or snacks from vending machines all the time. Some trucking cabins can have mini-fridges and tiny kitchens to make quick meals while on the go. Take a cooler with you or map healthy food options along your route.
  • Safety first – At truck stops, lock your doors, even if you take a quick break to stretch your legs. At night, it is better to remain heard and seen, so try to avoid areas with little or no light. Don’t walk in areas where you cannot be seen. At rest stops try to park your truck in the front line of trucks where you can walk from the rest stop to your truck.

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