How Can I Find A Trucking Job?

Truck drivers are in demand all over the country. So, if you are looking for a job as a truck driver it wouldn’t be hard for you to get it. Finding a trucking job may be less difficult than you imagine. In this article, you can read some tips how to find a job in the trucking industry.

Where Can I Find a Trucking Job?

If you want to start your trucking career, or you are searching for a new job as a truck driver, you can find your next chance using a few tactics:

  • Job Boards

You can use online job boards in searching for a trucking job that include different local, regional, and national truck driving opportunities. Look at the national opportunities if you want to be a long haul trucker and crisscross the country delivering cargo. It is better to visit a number of job boards to compare different opportunities that are available across the country. Then apply for the position that is the best suits you.

  • Dedicated Websites

Also, you can look through a number of job postings that are devoted to help drivers to find their perfect trucking job. These websites can include information about local and national positions.

  • Truck Driving Schools

Truck driving schools, such as New Sound Truck Driving School, can help you find employment no matter if you’re a longtime driver and looking to improve your skills or you are new to the trucking industry and want to obtain a CDL. Try to choose a truck driving school that works with different trucking companies, so that you can have many available trucking job options.

  • Social Media

Before posting jobs to job boards, some carriers prefer to post them directly to their social media accounts. You need to check their social media accounts regularly but don’t forget about their websites’ career pages.

  • Company websites

Some carriers prefer to post openings only on their own websites’ career pages. So if you want to work with a specific carrier, visit their website for openings.

  • Search Engines

Sometimes, you can use search engines Google, Yahoo, and others to find the right truck driving job.

What Should You Look At Before Choosing A Trucking Job?

Some large trucking carriers typically offer more benefits and steady work than small trucking companies do. However, small carriers can offer more variety in driving routes.

There are also a few things to look at before choosing a specific truck driving position or a trucking company:

  • Benefits – Many trucking carriers provide benefit packages such as health, dental insurance and 401k plans for retirement. Some companies may offer paid time off, which can attract truck drivers who want to take a vacation from the road.
  • Payment – Truck drivers can be paid by the number of miles driven or receive an annual salary and an hourly rate. Learn how drivers at the companies are paid, and how often. It can make a big financial difference.
  • Routes – Truck driving carriers can work with different clients and will run various shipping routes. These routes can be consistent or more intermittent. So, try to learn what types of routes you’ll need to drive and how often you’ll be out on the road.

Start Your Trucking Career With New Sound Truck Driving School!

Whether you’re looking for a new trucking job or looking to get your CDL and start a new career, New Sound Truck Driving School can provide thorough training and thoughtful job placement. Our truck driving school will get you on the road with the skills and knowledge you need to be successful in your trucking career. Get in touch with us today by calling at 253-210-0505.