Why Students Fail Their CDL Course

When you begin to attend a trucking school, maybe you think the program will take just 2-3 weeks then you will pass the exam and be on the road along with seasoned truckers. However, you can notice that some students can’t pass their CDL. There are common reasons students fail the exam but they are completely avoidable. Let’s learn these common reasons so you can become a successful driver:

  • Wrong Attitude To The Course – If you think that a truck driving is an easy job, think again! To drive a car isn’t the same as to drive a massive truck. To earn your CDL you will need both book learning and hands-on learning. Be ready for hard studying and a lot of dedication to the course if you want to pass your CDL test. It can be dangerous for you to drive a powerful truck, so New Sound Truck Driving School does not hand out CDLs lightly. Don’t be afraid of it, but don’t come into the program thinking you can slip through it either.
  • If You Are Not Consistent in Learning – To become a successful truck driver doesn’t take a week and maybe not even within a month. Don’t be frustrated and don’t stop trying if you have problems with any one aspect of your hands-on training. You need to keep practicing, or you can ask for help from the experienced person from your truck driving school such as your instructor. Some actions can be difficult to learn such as backing up or shifting, and it can take time to learn it perfectly. Don’t stop even everything seems difficult for you. If you have problems with your first exam, you will have an opportunity to re-study and practice to retake the test. Once you are perfect in your learning this course, you’ll be on your way to the career of your dream.
  • Panic – Some people tend to panic when they have to show their skills in front of someone. So taking the CDL test can cause panic. Have you ever tried to show a perfect play in front of a football coach or tried to sing a song in front of an audience? Taking the CDL test is something like that. That’s why we see students fail to perform maneuvers that they could have done perfectly well without the exam. Remember, keep your cool, don’t be nervous, and try not to focus on the test part. You should perform well under not only normal circumstances because a truck driver often meets high-pressure situations. Truck driving schools want to know that you’ll be calm and make the right decisions even in the stressful situations.
  • Lack of Self-discipline – You won’t be able to pass CDL tests without studying even if these written test are not difficult. You don’t need to study so hard as at the university, but you can’t pass the CDL test without looking at any of your study materials either. Apply some self-discipline and study if you aren’t going to retake the exam.

We don’t want to scare you of taking the CDL driving course but our goal is to prepare you for both the figurative and literal road ahead. We want you to take truck driving seriously, and keep calm even in stressful situations. If you’re ready to start your journey to become a truck driver, New Sound Truck Driving School can help you. Contact us today and we’ll answer any questions you may have about the truck driving studying.