How long is CDL training?

A Class A CDL course length will depend on many factors. On average it will take about four weeks. However, it can last from as little as four weeks to months. Class A naturally lasts longer than Class B because of the added responsibility of bigger trucks that are heavier and therefore require more practice hours to manage them.

A Class B CDL program prepares you to drive straight trucks, passenger trucks, box trucks, dump trucks, buses and any other vehicles that weight 26,001 pounds. They are smaller than the trucks of Class A category and carry smaller loads. Because of this, you will need less training and it might be possible to complete the class in less than two weeks.

The expected program length in Washington State is 160 hours for Class A, which if you attend school full-time then you will complete the program in four weeks. Regarding Class B, the requirement is half of that time which means that you would be able to get your commercial driver license at the end of 80 hours of driving school, it is 2 weeks if you follow the full time schedule.

New Sound Trucking School offers a CDL course with a very flexible schedule. We have both Day and Evening classes. Day classes are from 9am- 5pm and Evening classes are from 2pm to 8:30pm. In addition to this, we give students an opportunity to schedule class according to their own personal schedules.

Factors That Affect Your Time Commitment

  • Student Ability

A lot will depend on your own learning skills and driving ability. If you have experience with driving trucks or if it is easy for you to master tasks then it will take less time to practice for your driving skills. This factor is very personal for every student looking.

  • Auto vs. Manual Truck

Although the type of truck does not affect the length of time that you spend in the classroom, it may affect how quickly you are able to master the skills needed to pass your skills test.

  • Part-time vs. full-time

New Sound Trucking School offers full-time options just like many other driver schools. However, we also offer a lot of flexibility, which can turn into a part-time program. Of course, if you choose the part-time option then it will slow the process time of getting your license.

  • Classroom hours

Each state has different requirements for classroom hours. Washington State expects you to pass the knowledge test (CDL Permit) before starting a trucking program. This will affect the classroom hours making them shorter but it will take more of your personal time to complete the CLP.

  • Driving hours

Find out how many driving hours are provided by each school you consider. Though additional driving hours may require a longer training period, they will make you a driver that is more sure and confident of their abilities. That would include street driving, backing maneuvers and others.

  • Endorsements

Adding an endorsement to your license, such as passenger, HAZMAT, or doubles/triples can expand the number of job opportunities you have once you obtain your CDL license. Each endorsement may add extra time to your training period.

  • Passenger: 14 total hours
  • School Bus: 30 total hours
  • Hazmat: 16 total hours