Consider Getting a CDL from a Tacoma Trucking School

Now that you have made the decision to become an over the road truck driver, you need a CDL or special drivers license that allows you to drive tractor-trailers. If you live anywhere near the Seattle-Tacoma area, you should consider getting a CDL from a Tacoma Trucking School.

Why Tacoma instead of Seattle? We have researched the truck driving schools in the area and both Seattle and Tacoma have several exciting and quality schools to offer. Just a half-hour or so southwest of Seattle, Tacoma is a beautiful place.

Why hassle with the big city when you can train in such a tranquil and nature-based area? You don’t have to live there to enjoy it. Just spend a month of your time training there for your CDL. Tacoma has so much to offer when compared with the booming city of Seattle. Here are just a few:

  • Benefits of Tacoma

You don’t have to live there to go to school there, but if you are looking for a place to settle into, you are not going to find much on the west coast as affordable as Tacoma. Housing prices in Seattle and Portland are increasing all the time, while in Tacoma you can get more for your money. Business, youth, and innovation are flocking to Tacoma. Get in now ahead of the rush.

The great outdoors awaits you in Tacoma. Mount Rainier is so close, and you can hike, climb, ski and much more. Tacoma is one of the most beautiful places in the country and even if you don’t live there, enjoy the awesome views while you train.

Then there’s the food, the nightlife, the art…downtown Tacoma offers as much sophistication as any major city in America. It is a traditional international waterway city with a wide variety of food and activities. Don’t forget the coffee! Don’t worry about Seattle. Tacoma is the real coffee capital of the Pacific Northwest.

  • Tacoma’s Driving Schools

Even if you fall in love with Tacoma, you’re here to learn how to drive the big rigs and make some good money in the very near future. Do the driving schools in Tacoma offer the same features as the ones in Seattle? Is it worth it to drive that extra 30 miles to go to school in Tacoma instead of Seattle? We think it is and here’s why.

  • Less crowded schools equal more personal attention.
  • More committed financial institutions in a smaller community to support your needs for financial aid and loans.
  • Highest quality training – there is no drop off in the quality of training from Seattle to Tacoma.
  • Support in almost any language. Classes are taught in English, but translators abound in Spanish, Moldovan, Punjabi, Russian and Turkish.
  • You can find a school with classes at day or night, with Hazmat and Bus endorsements available.
  • Every one of these schools will give you the freedom of the road in a great career. Most of them accept the GI bill.
  • You will find placement assistance and financial assistance at almost all of Tacoma’s CDL schools.
  • Hands-on training – you’ll spend a little time in classroom training but the bulk of your 4 weeks in hands-on – in a truck. Your classes will include: Control Systems, Hours of Service, Vehicle Systems and inspections, shifting, baking, braking. Coupling and uncoupling, night driving, speed management, spacing, Hazard awareness, emergency maneuvers, extreme driving conditions, skid control, maintenance, logs, reports, trip plans and reports and personal health.

For most of Tacoma’s trucking schools, this is a four week program and at the end you have a CLD class A or class B. Many of the facilities in Tacoma are more up to date than in Seattle and feature such things as coffee bars, comfortable and spacious class space and many even have truck simulators. This is real-life training that can be scheduled around your real life. This allows you to enjoy all that Tacoma has to offer while training.

Consider getting a CDL from a Tacoma Trucking School and starting on a path to a great career and a $50,000 a year job.