Welcome to New Sound Trucking School

Although New Sound Trucking School was established over two years ago, our faculty and administration work every day to improve the quality of CDL education for our students. With many other commercial driving schools available in the trucking industry, we strive to be the number one in our expertise. From instructors with over 30 years of trucking experience to friendly office staff that are fluent in many languages, New Sound Trucking School is perfect for students from all demographics. In this blog you will find information on what CDL programs we offer and a brief overview of our program.


  • 160-hour CDL Class A Automatic
  • 160-hour CDL Class A Manual
  • 80-hour Class B CDL training
  • 80-hour upgrade from CDL Class A to CDL Class B

Now that you have a general understanding on what Commercial Driving Programs we offer, read the list below on our 7-step program to obtain your Commercial Drivers License. Keep in mind, prior to starting CDL training, you must first receive your Commercial Learners Permit (CLP), DOT Medical exam, and results or confirmation of your pre-employment drug screen.

REMINDER: If you are getting your drug test and DOT medical card at the same clinic please make sure to specify that you are getting both documents as the DOT exam requires a urine sample that does not count for the drug test alone. At the end of this page you will find a trusted medical clinic where you can get both documents in one stop.

7 Steps to get your CDL:

  • 1st Complete online entry-level driver training (40 hours)
  • 2nd Pass the pre-trip inspection (40 hours)
  • 3rd Learn backing maneuvers (40 hours)
  • 4th Learn City driving (40 hours)
  • 5th Take a skills test simulation
  • 6th Schedule state test with state examiner
  • 7th Get your CDL license

Trusted Medical clinic: ASAP TESTING Safety System LLC