Wanted: Trucking Industry Needs 80,000 More Drivers

With the shortage of truck drivers worsening, are you willing to fulfill an essential role in our country by becoming a truck driver? Many are not aware of how much truck drivers make; by investing in yourself today, you could make as much as $61,000 and more. Because of this shortage, new career opportunities are available, which might not have been as open beforehand.

If your unemployment benefits have ended or are about to end soon, now presents an ideal opportunity to consider a new career as a truck driver.

Rising Pay to Be Competitive

Millions of Americans are considering significant career changes, and trucking companies have been boosting pay for truck drivers to remain competitive. Companies have reported an increase of about $4,000 to $6,000 a year for driver pay. With the critical driver shortage in mind, many trucking companies offer signing bonuses and pay raises to new drivers.

Job Outlook

At this moment, around the clock, and coast-to-coast, truck drivers are on the road transporting the essentials—everything America needs, from food and clothing to diapers and medical supplies. Compared to other forms of transportation, trucks are in the lead for carrying the most freight collectively.

According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, about 1.8 million heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers in the U.S. in May 2020. Compared to the number of active truck drivers in the trucking industry, the number of truck driving jobs available shows a drastic contrast. Statistics highlight the shortage of truck drivers appears to be at a record high of 80,000. The driver shortage has increased by 30% since the global COVID-19 pandemic.

With a mix of increased demand from consumers for goods and services and retiring truck drivers, the total number of truck driving jobs has only been growing. Every day is out-weighing the number of available truck drivers in the industry.

Companies Attracting Drivers

The demand for more drivers has created turmoil within the industry as current drivers seek to improve their income, benefits, and home time, leading to frequent job changes among truck drivers working to better their situations. To combat the high driver turnover, trucking companies are trying various strategies, including increasing pay and sign-on bonuses. Many recruiters are also working with drivers to match their skills, provide reliable, steady hours, offer local routes and competitive compensation to current open positions.

The demand for professional truck drivers is growing faster than the number of new drivers entering the field. By receiving your commercial driver’s license today, it’s almost certain there will be a job available to you tomorrow.

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