The Best Navigation Tools for CDL Drivers

As a truck driver, you will use navigation apps or GPS systems to help navigate you on your journey, short or far. GPS systems for drivers who operate commercial vehicles are similar, but not the same as regular GPS systems in normal everyday vehicles. As a person driving a regular car, you will not need to worry if your car is too heavy to pass over a bridge or if it is too tall to pass under one. As a truck driver, you will need to plan your routes ahead of time and always be extra attentive on the road. One small distraction could be fatal. There are GPS systems specific to the needs of truck drivers to minimize distractions and maximize efficiency.

There are many factors that determine what the best GPS app is for CDL drivers. Truck drivers need the most information to plan their travel effectively. As a person driving a commercial vehicle, you will need to be up to date with the traffic conditions, weather conditions, and all factors regarding the roads you will be driving on. Below is a list of top-rated apps for truck drivers:



Trucker Path is among the most popular mapping and navigation apps for truck drivers. With Trucker Path, you can enter the dimensions of the commercial vehicle you are driving to get safe navigation and routes that are catered to your vehicle. Additionally, you will get extra information such as where you can purchase the cheapest gas as well as live reviews from other truck drivers, so you know the features are suitable for you. New Sound Trucking School students have the opportunity to win a brand-new iPad with Trucker Path downloaded on it to make their drives as smooth as possible. Find more information at .


Google maps is well-known among all regular drivers. For truck drivers, Google Maps is familiar, easy to manage, and offers many useful resources for people who are driving commercial vehicles. You will be able to locate hotels, restaurants, and rest stops near you. This app is available on all platforms.

  • WAZE

Waze is a free app, accessible on both iOS and Android while connected to the internet. With Waze, you will stay up to date with road and traffic conditions since the app uses crowdsourcing, or live updates from real drivers, to keep all information as fresh as possible. While using Waze, you will be able to get live updates on accidents, police surrounding your route, road closures, gas prices, and much more.


For $9.99 on all platforms, the Copilot navigation app works very similar to Trucker Path, allowing drivers to submit all their vehicle’s dimensions as well as weight to find routes that are easily accessible and perfect for the size and weight of your vehicle. The app introduces navigation specific to truck drivers and is designed to be non-distracting in the cab so that drivers are 100% focused on the road. Find more information at .