We'll go over some typical truck driver interview questions that shed light on the competencies that truck drivers should possess, as well as a few queries to put to the company.

What The Employer Might Ask

  • Could you briefly introduce yourself?

This query acts as a discussion opener. Be prepared to respond, but keep your reaction brief. Give a few personal information and employment background.

  • Have you driven a truck before?

Don't let the likelihood that the response is "no" deter you if you just obtained your CDL and are fresh out of truck driving school. Drivers are desperately needed by carriers. Many are delighted to hire new drivers, particularly those from recognized training facilities.

  • What qualifications do you hold that make you eligible to operate a commercial truck?

You already have a CDL, of course, but this inquiry focuses on any specialized permits or credentials you may possess and provides the company with information on the kinds of jobs you can obtain with a CDL.

  • What are your plans for a career?

Carriers want to know that you are committed to this endeavor and that this is not merely a stepping stone to another job.

  • How crucial is communication when operating a truck?

In particular when speaking with a dispatcher or customers, effective communication skills are essential for truck drivers.

  • How would you respond to a tense circumstance, such a breakdown or accident?

Numerous stressors are present when driving a truck. You must reassure the interviewer that pressure won't affect your judgment.

  • Which FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) guidelines should a truck driver adhere to?

As a candidate, you should be well-versed in FMCSA laws and aware that the DOT may fine the business if you violate them.

  • Which type of truck driving do you prefer: local delivery, regional, or long-distance?

Your response sheds light on the kinds of employment you can obtain with a CDL. The potential employer can also inquire, "What are your greatest areas of strength and weakness? " and "What days and times are available? Be ready to respond.

  • Have you ever gotten a traffic ticket or been in an accident? If so, elaborate on each situation's specifics.

If you don't have a spotless driving record, your potential employers want to know why. Be truthful and accountable in your response. If they hire you, they'll probably do a background investigation and a drug test.

  • Ask The Employer These Questions

Take use of the chance to ask inquiries if the employer permits it. Asking questions shows the interviewer that you are interested in the organization and the position, which may help you land the job.

Here are some inquiries to make to the employer:

  • What qualities are you seeking in a candidate?
  • What should I expect from my role throughout the first 90 days of employment?
  • When will my performance be assessed by the company?
  • What possibilities does the organization provide for training and career growth?
  • What advantages does the business provide?
  • To whom do I report?

Training at a truck driving school is the most effective approach to get ready for your first job interview. To find out how The CDL School may help you land the career of your dreams, get in touch with us. Visit for more information and open positions.