How much can truck drivers expect to earn?

The Pay of a Truck Driver May Be Higher than You Think

When deciding which industry or job to pursue in life, earning potential and income are crucial factors. People desire to choose a profession that would allow them to live comfortably and earn a respectable income. Truck driving has the potential to "turn off" some prospective seekers. They are unaware that entering the field might lead to fairly big financial rewards. Even when you first start out, you can earn the same amount (or more) as some graduates of 2- to 4-year universities while earning a CDL in just 4-6 weeks!

The pay of a truck driver is very variable. The sort of CDL a person possesses and the type of driving they favor both affect their income. In this article, we'll look at the typical truck driver's pay in each of the various truck driving positions.

What Is an Average Starting Salary For Truck Drivers

Starting truck driver pay is often around $45,000 per year, which is considered the "average" pay. The type of driving you perform, though, can affect how much you make. Your pay may also be impacted by other elements including the quantity of on-time loads delivered, the condition of the delivered items, or the receipt of additional bonuses or pay incentives.

Those with experience in the field can expect to make an annual salary of up to $70,000 as a median truck driver. This is a little more than the 2019 median household income of roughly $68,000 per year.

Every Year, Truck Drivers Receive Modest Pay Raises

In the US, annual wage increases for typical employment range between 2 and 3 percent. However, in recent years, the pay for truck drivers has increased by roughly 8 to 12% annually. That is a significant pay raise for any US industry at this time, but especially for a truck driver's salary. Many other Americans have barely seen their incomes rise in recent years.

These pay increases represent the industry average; some carriers are even ready to pay drivers more than that!

Additional Benefits that Drivers May Receive

Many trucking companies offer their drivers extra perks. These are frequently provided by businesses to entice drivers to work for their carrier and maintain the operation of their fleet:

  • Sign-on bonuses.
  • Paid vacation time, which includes extended home time for over-the-road truckers who get time off in addition to paid vacation time between each 3 to 6-week working stint to spend with their families at home.
  • Comprehensive health coverage, including dental and vision.
  • Retirement options, which frequently include employer contributions up to a set amount or proportion of an employee's salary.
  • Opportunities for tuition reimbursement from CDL training costs.
  • It is frequently also possible to receive additional performance bonuses.
  • Other employers may offer additional benefits, but these benefits are common for many carriers to offer to their drivers.

Truck drivers make a decent salary and are in great demand. For those who enter the sector, this may offer long-term career security. After receiving your CDL, if you're interested in pursuing a high-paying career, don't hesitate to get in touch with New Sound Trucking School for more information and to sign up for programs that will help you achieve all of these wonderful advantages.