Commercial Learner's Permit (CLP) Prep Guide

Greetings, from the New Sound Trucking School IT department. We have come closer to our goal of providing our students with all the necessary tools needed to obtain their CDL. Today, we released our new app called COMMERCIAL LEARNER’S PERMIT (CLP) PREP. In this article, I’d like to guide you through the apps’ main features.

Our team spent the past year compiling, designing and developing our app to give you the most realistic practice tests available. As a result, we designed the most comprehensive and effective study system available. Our app is a CLP Exam Simulator, which helps you by quizzing you on the same types of questions you’ll see on the official exam. It uses real questions straight from the source – the official Commercial Drivers’ Guide for Washington State. Also, it will give you a solid understanding if you are ready for the CLP exam or not. If you can pass our practice tests, you’ll be ready to pass the real thing.

Your career in trucking begins with a learner’s permit. Before you can earn your Class A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), you must obtain your Commercial Learner’s Permit (CLP). The CLP lets you legally practice driving under a CDL Instructor’s supervision. Read our previous article here: WelcomeTo New Sound Trucking School to get deeper.

For more details about Washington state requirements to receive your Commercial Driver’s License visit the Departmentof Licensing website

Beginning in October, the app is available on our website at , you will be able to find it inside the menu below “About Us”.

Our CLP Prep App’s purpose is to mimic the experience of a real CLP exam by pulling random questions from a vast database which you’ll see on the official exam. The CLP test is broken into three portions: general knowledge, combination vehicles and air brakes.

In Washington State, the Knowledge tests have the following number of questions per section:

  • General Knowledge (A, B, C): 50 Questions
  • Air Brakes: 25 Questions
  • Combination: 20 Questions

After completion of the practice tests, you will have a chance to review your mistakes and brush up on needed sections prior to taking the permit test. The CLP practice tests we provide are 100% free, and are available to you to use for review at any point. We want you to feel confident when you take the official DOL Commercial Learner's Permit (CLP) knowledge test.

We offer the practice test in several languages- English, Spanish, Ukrainian and Russian. We are sure that taking the exam in your native language will increase your chances of successfully passing the exam on your first try.

As you can see, the layout has been adopted for all types of device to make it flexible and convenient to use.

The CLP Prep App can be used in two modes, Study Mode and Exam Mode. In Study Mode an entire list of questions and answers will be available (240 for “General knowledge”, 70 for “Air brakes” and 70 for “Combination”). In Exam Mode you’ll deal with a shuffled array of 50, 20 and 20 questions respectively. In addition, there will be a time limit 60 minutes for “General Knowledge”, 20 minutes for “Air Brakes” and 20 minutes for “Combination”. You’ll be notified whether you answered a question correctly in both modes.

  • Study Mode and Exam Mode View
  • The gradient time bar will notify you of how much time is left to complete the test.

If at any moment you want to start over, another set of questions will be available. We do not send your statistics anywhere, so the number of attempts stays between us.

What makes our CLP Prep App unique, is the result’s page. You can review it and send it to your email address for free. These pages are designed for students who want to review the answers at later time. You will see the correct and incorrect answers instantly, and how much time you spent on a specific question, all the answers are shown in the order submitted.

The CLP practice tests we provide are completely free, and are available to you to use for review at any point. As mentioned, you will be able to email the results to your email address to review and study. We believe that our efforts will help you to get your CLP faster and more easily. Once you’ve received your permit, we’ll see you at NSTS.

Are you ready to ace your CLP test and train with NSTS?

Apply to NSTS today or contact our Admissions Department at 253-210-0505 for more information about obtaining your permit.